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Jul. 18th, 2013

POF Headlines, Funny, Good, Best, Bad, Worse, and Worst of them all. Laugh and be amazed at them.

Everybody knows that Plenty of Fish, also know as POF, has some of the craziest headlines you will see. POF Headlines for instance yesterday I was browsing the profiles of women in my area, from the ages of 22 to 30, and almost half of what I saw either made me laugh or made me cringe. The headlines that made me cringe were the one's that women wrote about how they deserve everything when it comes to a man. The women claimed that they needed a "prince" and a "knight in shining armor." I was bemused by that to say the least of the lack of good pof headlines. It seemed like they felt entitled to having a man that is higher up on the point scales than they are. Online dating can have all the crazies you could ever deal with, but there are occasionally some good guys and girls on there. Plenty of Fish headlines are indicators of what a person's profile will contain after you click through to it.

Good Headlines for POF

What you have to look out for is people who lie about either their images, or age, or both. Now you wonder how can someone lie about an image. Simple, if they are showing pictures of themselves from years ago when they were younger, or more fit, then that's a full blown lie. You might think funny pof headlines like that make absolutely no sense to post, and you're right. If they still don't look the same now, then why should they falsely advertise? It makes no sense to me but it's done. Also, watch out for the images that are taken from different angles. These type of images are made to distort size and body shape. A cleverly taken picture from a sideways angle on plenty of fish can seem like the person is 30 to 50 pounds lighter. Look at their arms and chin to double check if you are not sure.

How do guys lie on pof you ask? Well lots of men will claim they are a few years younger than they actually are, the reason they do this twice-fold, one, so they can hit on younger women without creeping them out. And two, to hit on older women who are into the young guys.